Sleepy Joe is now at his lowest level of support this year

Poll: Biden Popularity Tanks Following DNC

Source: Steve Watson |

Following the complete snooze fest that was the Democratic National Convention, Joe Biden has actually managed to get LESS popular.

Rasmussen confirmed the findings Wednesday, highlighting that Sleepy Joe is now at 46 percent support, while a week ago, the same poll had Biden at 48 percent.

The pollster pointed out that Biden is now at his lowest level of support in any of their surveys throughout the whole year.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s support increased from 44% last week to 45%, closing the gap to just one point, where it was four points a week ago.

“The new survey finds Biden with 76% of the Democratic vote. Trump has the support of 77% of Republicans.” Rasmussen notes, adding that  “The candidates are tied among voters not affiliated with either major political party.”

As riots and unrest continue to dominate the headlines, a new poll has found that almost as many American voters now view violent crime as an important election issue compared to coronavirus, something that is likely to help President Trump.

Even leftists admitted that last week’s DNC was so monumentally awful, that it actually gave President Trump a boost in approval numbers:

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