White House coronavirus task force member blasts hype over widely used drug

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Source: Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado — The drug hydroxychloroquine has gotten a bad rap thanks to a politics, media hype, and some “garbage” medical research, according to Dr. Scott Atlas, a member of the White House coronavirus task force.

“What’s happened with hydroxychloroquine is that the system has gone mad,” Dr. Atlas said Friday at the Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference. “I sort of make the analogy that we all know objective journalism is basically dead in this country, I’m very cynical about that, and now what we’re seeing is that objective science is nearly dead.”

He emphasized that the drug has not been proven as a treatment for the novel coronavirus—“I’m not going to say it’s proven to work because it’s not”—but challenged those who have accused President Trump of pushing snake oil.

“Hydroxychloroquine is super safe. It’s a complete myth, it’s a total distortion, to say that, oh, my God, this drug is very dangerous for people,” said Dr. Atlas. “It’s been used for 65 or 70 years, not just prophylactically for malaria, which I used it myself for that many years ago, but also used for people with things like rheumatic arthritis, auto-immune-type diseases. Very safe drug.”

The FDA issued and then withdrew an emergency-use authorization for using the drug for COVID-19, saying that it showed “no benefit” for hospitalized patients, and recommending its use only in clinical trials and in hospitals, and citing the risk of “serious heart rhythm” problems when used with azithromycin.