Source:  Arjun Walia


  • The Facts:77 NFL players recently tested positive for COVID-19, but it turns out they were false positives, apparently due to some kind of contamination in the lab.
  • Reflect On:How accurate is the testing we are using? Many claim we cannot identify the virus while others claim to have done so. Why is there so much confusion and contradicting information when it comes to COVID-19?

What Happened: The National Football League (NFL) recently stated that there were 77 positive tests for COVID-19. This caused a lot of noise in the mainstream media, but it was shortly revealed that all of these tests were actually false positives. Jon R. Cohen, M.D., the Executive Chairman of BioReference Laboratories, the testing partner of the NFLreleased a statement explaining that these false-positives were due to an isolated contamination in the New Jersey lab.

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