Source: Jim Hoft

We all saw this coming.
For YEARS NOW TGP has been reporting on Facebook’s silencing of conservative voices.

In 2018 TGP founder testified before Congress on Facebook censorship and banning of conservative voices.

It’s really no surprise that Facebook and the tech giants are colluding to prevent conservative voices from being heard before the 2020 election.

But their censorship is still a criminal act.

On Tuesday Facebook censored a Gateway Pundit report on the crack pipe found on George Floyd during his arrest.

On Wednesday Facebook censored and slapped a warning label on House GOP Judiciary Report on mail-in voting.

It’s too hot for Facebook! They had to shut it down.

The weak leadership in the Republican Party has allowed big tech censorship to manifest.
The GOP has allowed the far left tech giants to destroy free speech in America.

This is a crisis.
Republicans need to start acting like it’s a crisis!