Source:  Cristina Laila

77-year-old Joe Biden emerged from his basement on Wednesday after taking the entire day off yesterday.

Sleepy Joe answered a few softball questions from friendly reporters before he boarded his flight to Charlotte, North Carolina.

One reporter asked Biden if he has prepared for the upcoming debate with President Trump scheduled for September 29.

“I’ve started to prepare, but I haven’t gotten into it really heavily. I will beginning tomorrow,” said Biden.

Another reporter asked Biden about China.

“Yesterday, President Xi said that he does not want a zero-sum game in relations with China. If you’re elected, do you think that US relations with China will be a zero-sum game?”

“No,” Biden said.

Biden, who is currently in bed with the Bank of China via his corrupt son Hunter, claimed he would be tough on China and the reporters didn’t push back at all.

Biden then abruptly ended the gaggle and walked away.

None of the reporters asked Joe Biden about the bombshell senate report detailing Biden-China-Burisma-Ukraine corruption.


Here’s a sneak peak at Biden’s Charlotte event with social distancing circles: