Debate moderator displays flagrant bias throughout.

Chris Wallace Interrupted Trump 5 Times More Than He Interrupted Biden

Source: Paul Joseph Watson |

According to a count of how many times Chris Wallace interjected when Trump was speaking compared to Biden, the debate moderator interrupted Trump 5 times more.

Despite the media attempting to create the narrative that Trump was constantly trying to interrupt Biden, the President could be forgiven for doing so given how he was treated by Wallace.

The Fox News host tried to cut off Trump 76 times compared to just 15 times for Biden.

This became so evident that at one point Trump told Wallace, “ “I guess I’m debating you, not him, but that’s OK, I’m not surprised.”

Meanwhile, Wallace repeatedly defended Biden when Trump interrupted the former VP, remarking, “Mr. President let him finish,” and “Please let him speak.”

The debate moderator was so Biden-friendly, he even began laughing along with him at one point.

When Biden stated, “I can’t keep track of all his ranting,” Wallace responded, “I’m having trouble myself.”

Wallace’s behavior is no surprise given his history of anti-Trump bashing, but last night illustrates once again how the debates are always rigged in Democrats’ favor.