BAP exposed an alleged conspiracy by J. Arthur Bloom and Kantbot.

Source:  Shane Trejo

The Bronze Age Pervert, the masculinist philosopher whose real identity is not widely known to the public, is exposing Conservative Inc. operatives looking to dox pro-Trump nationalists and populists to enforce ideological conformity on behalf of globalist special interests.

“J. Arthur Bloom, now editor at “American Conservative” has long been running a dox ring in DC that targets nationalists and people in Trump admin,” BAP announced in a Tweet that he called a public service announcement.

BAP claims that Bloom is working with Kantbot, a social media philosopher with cult following, to dox figures that are believed to be dangerous to the Conservative Inc. establishment.

“I don’t like e-drama and in particular elevating nobodies like Bloom: last time I mentioned him people didn’t know who he was. I ignored both him and Kbot before this. But it’s worth doing this to warn not only other frogs but also other normal conservatives, nationalists,” BAP wrote in a subsequent tweet.

BAP provided some screen shots to back up his assertion that Bloom is an operative tasked with doxxing right-wing dissidents:

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