Twitter Suspends New York Post Account Over Bombshell Hunter Biden Story

Source: Jordan Davidson

Twitter suspended the New York Post’s account on Wednesday following its publication of a bombshell story indicating Hunter Biden monetized foreign companies’ access to his father, Joe Biden, while the latter was vice president. The emails come from a laptop left at a repair shop that appears to have belonged to Hunter Biden and is under FBI and Senate review.

“The Post’s primary Twitter account (@nypost) has also been locked because the Hunter Biden stories violate its rules against the ‘distribution of hacked material,’ per email we received from Twitter,” wrote Post business reporter Noah Manskar.

According to Manskar, the only justification Twitter attempted to provide for the suspension was questioning about how the incriminating hard drive and computer were obtained, despite the Post’s clear explanation about this in the article.

“Twitter says this was done because of the lack of authoritative reporting on where the materials in our Biden story originated. Per the story, the emails came off a copy of a hard drive obtained by Rudy Giuliani; original hard drive was left at a Delaware computer repair shop,” he explained.

Neither Twitter nor the Post responded to The Federalist’s inquiry concerning the length of the suspension and under what conditions Twitter will reinstate the account. It is also unclear if the Post’s suspension spanned all of the outlet’s social media accounts or solely Twitter.

The suspension comes after Twitter began blocking users from sharing or sending the article link on their platform. When unverified and verified users attempted to share the link, they were met with a message stating the link “has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful” and were directed to a page claiming the link could be “spammy or safe.”

Facebook also announced that it would be “limiting distribution” of the story until it could be independently verified by a group of unnamed third-party fact-checkers. Facebook also claimed that this was “procedure” despite not applying it to the Russia hoax stories peddled by the left and the media for four years straight, nor to President Trump’s illegally obtained and then published tax records.