Twitter LOCKS Accounts Of Media, Celebrities, Gov ...

Even CEO Jack Dorsey says the response is “unacceptable “The NY Post’s primary account was locked

Source: Steve Watson

Twitter has locked the accounts of anyone who shared the New York Post story regarding Joe Biden’s foreign lobbying scandal, including media organisations, reporters, celebrities, and even government officials.

The story, which has been met with denials from the Biden campaign, claims that Hunter Biden had introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive in a Ukrainian energy firm a year before Biden pressured the government of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating the company. After following Facebook’s crackdown, Twitter prevented anyone from sharing the “potentially harmful” story:

Twitter even prevented editors at the NY Post from tweeting out the story:

Now the company has gone one step further by LOCKING the accounts of anyone attempting to spread the information.

The NY Post’s primary account was locked:

A reporter with The Daily Caller attempted to share the story, and found his account was also locked:

Actor James Woods had the same experience:

Even White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s account was locked by Twitter:

Twitter’s actions have been labelled as election meddling and an ‘act of digital civil war’, as the company is not only locking accounts and preventing the spread of the information on its own platform, but discouraging anyone from reading the story in general: