Twitter reportedly removing videos of Biden relying on teleprompter to get through speech

Source: Jamie White

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been caught on tape again reading from an enormous teleprompter screen during a small campaign event in Detroit, Michigan.

Video shows Biden reading from the massive teleprompter screen on Friday before a crowd of maybe fifteen or twenty people.

But Twitter began removing the footage of Biden reciting from the jumbo teleprompter after it began to go viral.

“Twitter actually deleted this Biden video. This is out-of-control,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham tweeted Saturday.

As we’ve reported, Biden’s campaign has been dogged by questions about his reliance on a teleprompter to answer questions after he did several interviews with the help of a teleprompter.

Additionally, Biden’s made numerous gaffes misreading the teleprompter during speeches, such as calling for a $15 million minimum wage, or how he got elected to the Senate 180 years ago.