Kentucky USPS Worker Dumps More Than 100 Absentee Ballots In Dumpster

Source: Joseph Jankowski

In yet another suspect case of ballots being far from where they should be, more than 100 absentee ballots intended for voters were found in a Louisville, Kentucky dumpster on Thursday morning.

According to a representative of the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General, 112 absentee ballots for the Jeffersontown area of Louisville were found in the dumpster after special agents responded to a report of undelivered mail being found by a construction contractor.

On Friday, the postal service confirmed to local news that the individual responsible for trashing the ballots was as an employee of the USPS and has been terminated.

USPS Special Agent Scott Balfour told Newsweek that the ballots were returned to the Postal Service and were delivered to their recipients on Thursday.

“When the investigation is concluded, the case will be presented for federal prosecution to the U.S. Attorney’s Office,” Balfour said while confirming it was indeed a USPS worker who dumped the mail.

The incident sparked a response via Twitter from Kentucky representative Thomas Massie:

This is the latest in a string of incidents in which ballots have been found in questionable locations across the US.

A resident of Mesa County, Colorado recently found a stack of ballots laying in the bushes while walking his dog.

“There was ballots from multiple addresses on roads that were anywhere from a half to a mile away from where they were found,” the man told local news.

The Mesa County Clerk and Recorder’s Office would shrug off the incident, stating: “This is an isolated incident. It has been going on for a little bit of time, a short period of time, where vandals are going into mailboxes.”

Vandals have also been targeting mail containing ballots in Nampa, Idaho where police say there has been a recent uptick in mail theft.

In September, the DOJ confirmed a handful of ballots cast by members of the military for President Trump were found discarded in Pennsylvania.

There has also been a U.S. Postal Service investigation opened over three trays of mail found in a ditch in Greensville, Wisconsin. A spokesman for the postal service would confirm that the mail included absentee ballots.