Lou Dobbs calls out 'active cover-up' of Chris Wray's FBI for hiding Biden evidence during ...

Source: BPR

FBI Director Chris Wray reportedly sat on relevant information that could have been used in President Donald Trump’s defense during the impeachment hearings.

Author Lee Smith discussed the bombshell New York Post report this week on the Biden family’s overseas corruption, telling Fox Business host Lou Dobbs that Wray reportedly covered up information about Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine during the Democrats’ attempts to impeach the president.

Smith acknowledged that the Post article had done a great job in “putting a lot of detail on what the Bidens have been up to,” but added that the Ukraine corruption has been known since 2015.

The explosive New York Post report revealed a document that allegedly showed communication between Hunter Biden and a top executive of the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma. The email indicated that the younger Biden had arranged a meeting between the official and his father who was vice president at the time. The Biden campaign denied that any such meeting ever occurred as other sources, like Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, continued to expose more documents through the week.

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