Source:  Joe Hoft

In 2016 Kamala Harris met with senior leaders of Planned Parenthood in California and targeted the man who outed Planned Parenthood for harvesting and trafficking late term abortion body parts.

In July of 2015 a team led by David Daleiden began releasing the videos of their interviews with members of Planned Parenthood.  For a couple of years starting in 2013 his team had gone undercover to investigate actions Planned Parenthood was taking with baby body parts harvested after late term abortions.  Within a week of releasing their video more than 3 million people had viewed it and Congress announced it would begin investigations into the matter.

On April 5, 2016, the California Department of Justice came for the man who had outed horrendous crimes related to Democrat darling Planned Parenthood.  David Daleiden, went outside his residence and was immediately met by a multiple agents from the California Department of Justice.  About five or six agents went into his house with a search warrant while another five or so stood outside his apartment with AR-15’s.

What Daleiden knows now is that Kamala Harris at the explicit instruction of Planned Parenthood had targeted Daleiden to enforce the California video recording law against him and to punish him for speaking the truth about her powerful campaign donors at Planned Parenthood.

Just two weeks prior to the search at this home, Kamala Harris had a secret meeting in Los Angeles with Planned Parenthood leadership.  The leadership of Planned Parenthood demanded Daleiden’s video and video equipment be seized in order to shut him up.

Daleiden states that Planned Parenthood and their politicians like Kamala Harris are shameless and will do all they can to reach their goals.  They will do all they can to force their agendas through.

Kamala Harris is the single greatest threat to first amendment civil liberties that our country has ever seen.  If Kamala Harris is elected to be a heartbeat away from the highest office in the United States of America, you will have someone in the White House who has a radical content and disrespect for first amendment civil liberties.   Someone who believes she’s entitled to use the powers of her office in order to punish the viewpoints of citizens who disagree with her.

Kamala Harris will kill American civil liberties if ever in the White House.  She has a track record of doing so.