Source: Jim Hoft

This was not supposed to happen.
The America-last party was supposed to be WAY UP at this point from their early voting efforts.

They’re not.

TopTradeGuru reported:

Up until this weekend, the Democratic victory narrative has been this: Dems will outperform in early and mail in voting. Republicans, leerier to mail-in voting, will opt for in person voting and will outperform on election day. However, in the end, the in person voting will not be enough to overcome the massive early voting numbers by the Democrats.

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This weekend that narrative shattered in some key states. It’s absolute panic.

Politico’s lead story today contains this revealing quote about numerous anxiety-ridden memos in Democratic offices:

Michigan is chief among Democrat worries. With 25% of the total vote in, compared to 2016, Republicans have a slim advantage.

Texas – Republicans shatter early voting expectations and it appears a blue Texas is gone:

Democratic Operative on Twitter: “I don’t understand how Dems are doing worse than 2016 in Texas in terms of early voting. Something is up.”
Twitter Response: “The polls are way off.”