Is the establishment preparing to blame Hunter’s laptop pics on deepfake technology?

Source: Kelen McBreen

When alleged photos of Hunter Biden engaging in illegal sexual activity with a female minor surface, will Democrats and mainstream media claim the photos are deepfakes?

After Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani made several claims over the past few weeks that Hunter Biden’s now-infamous laptop contained images of illegal sexual activity, the left attempted to smear the bombshell as “Russian disinformation.”

However, after the FBI, DOJ and DNI Ratcliffe’s confirmed Hunter’s laptop and emails in question were not part of a Russian disinformation campaign, and Giuliani handed the hard drive over to Delaware State Police, the establishment needs a new cover story.

Cue the deepfake theory.

The same day accusations of Hunter engaging in sexual acts with underage girls were made, dozens of top news outlets released articles about “deepfake bots” creating fake nude images, many of underage girls.

In an age where images and videos are easily manipulated and the left believes everything Dinosaur Media tells them, many Americans would rather be convinced the images are “faked” instead of dealing with a potentially disturbing truth.

From Daily Mail and Business Insider to Gizmodo and BuzzFeed, MSM outlets described bots on the messaging app Telegram creating over 100,000 fake nude images of women without their consent in recent months.

The software being used is called DeepNude and its use is problematic, but will the deepfake technology be falsely blamed for creating real images of Hunter Biden with underage girls?