Source: The Scoop

President Trump attended a church service in Las Vegas and gave an inspiring speech to the congregation.

The pastor’s wife shared, “Why don’t you pray for our president right now. Just pray, yes.”

Pastor Paul stated, “Mr. President, please step right there. Come on, church, pray! Come on, church, pray! Come on. Mr. President, Second Corinthians 2:14 says, ‘I give God thanks who always leads me in triumph, who diffuses the fragrance of knowledge within every place, that weren’t there always. And it’s a gift from above, but it ‘always leads you in triumph.’ I believe right now, as we start to pray right now, you’re going to have that second win like Pastor Denise just prophesized. But everyone that’s connected to you is going to go into a new winning era. So I decree and declare right now, come on, start to pray with me.”

The pastor continued, “Father, we just thank you for our president and his wife, his entire family and Vice President Pence and his entire family. Father, we bless them. Even again. Isaiah, 11:2 ‘with the Spirit of the Lord rest upon you. The spirit of wisdom and of understanding and of counsel and mind. And Lord, the fear of the Lord. Because he loves you. He said the other day, ‘Jesus Christ is the most popular person on the Earth.’ So we decree that, in Jesus’s name!”

Denise, the pastor’s wife said, “And Mr. President you said that and you honor the Lord. You did. You honored the Lord there and you said He’s your boss. I believe that you came here today. Yes, for a second win, but for a double portion. You came here for a double portion. Only God can double that up. Do you understand? We can’t do that for you. God does that so that you can have, you can defeat 10,000 instead of a thousand. Because when two come in agreement. So you’re coming in agreement with a family, of course. And so we’re saying that now there’s an army that will. We will. We’ll take this to the end. So we just bless you and we thank you, Father.”

Pastor Paul called out, “Everybody shout ‘we bless you, President Trump. We bless you! Come on, release your blessing on him!”

The pastor continued, “And on his whole staff! And on the Secret Service and on our police department, come on! Just say, ‘Lord, we bless him’. We bless him. We repel the arrows that have been put against him! We bless this man! We bless this princess, the first lady, we bless her! Health and wholeness on his kids. God, we bless this whole family.”

The President said, “I go to many churches and I love going to churches, but this has been my third. And we’ll be back many times. I will say that. [To Pastors Paul & Denise] But the both of you. Really, the job you do is incredible. And I know you’ve had a rough time in terms of this city. This has been a tough place. But the job you’ve done to get people back is really very special. I want to thank you. I will only say this. We are with you 100 percent. We are telling you, you better get out because we have a group on the other side that doesn’t agree with us. You understand that. And we happen to be right. So get out there on November 3rd or sooner. And do your thing. But these are two very special people. Your families are very, very special and you have great talent up there. And thank you all very much. Great talent. I know talent and you’re great talent. Thank you all very well. Have a good time. Have a good time.”

Before the congregation prayed for his victory,  President Trump made an offering to the church.