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Finding good news coverage no longer has to be difficult. NewsFave brings 600 plus news and media outlet links to its platform for quick and easy access.

There are many more news resources available online than the few big names most people rely on. Exploring other options can give different perspectives, present local stories not covered elsewhere, along with a long list of other benefits for those who are interested in the news either personally or professionally. Finding a large number of news resources is now easier than ever, thanks to NewsFave. NewsFave recently launched its free platform where visitors have access to over 600 news and media outlet links.

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The news websites are presented in easy to scan or search alphabetical order. New news sites are being added all of the time, as NewsFave grows. The enthusiasm surrounding the new platform is high and rising. With interest in getting fresh news rising from all angles, NewsFave is a  valuable free resource.

“There’s no shortage of people who can’t get enough of the news,” commented a spokesperson from NewsFave. “So we saw a good opportunity to meet that need on the one hand, while also helping news outlets increase their readership. It’s a total win-win for all involved. We are sure NewsFave is going to grow both in our reach and in the number of websites we feature at a rapid pace. People are looking for a list like this that’s not touched by our personal opinions, good or bad.

Submitting a news site can be done right on NewsFave quickly and simply. When approved, the website  will then be featured on NewsFave’s main page listed according to its name, alongside some of the  largest news names in the world.

The feedback for NewsFave has been a complete endorsement across the board.

Chris S., from Michigan, recently said in a five-star review, “I am always looking for the latest news so that I can cover interesting things on my blog. The more removed from mainstream media coverage, the better. A colleague recommended NewsFave. I enjoy the platform so much I don’t just use it for my blog but also for my news explorations. Totally recommended.”

With the news seeming to become more eye-opening every day, the need for NewsFave is clearly a  large one. The team is dedicated to seeing the website grow in the months and years to come.

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