Source:  Jim Hoft

US stock market researchers found that President Trump has an 87% chance of winning the presidential election in November.

Charles Payne went on with Stuart Varney this morning to discuss the recent market poll that gives President Trump an 87% chance of winning.

And this poll was taken before the Joe Biden Crime Family “laptop from hell” reporting broke this week.

The Socionomic Institute released their polling findings earlier this week.

Via CBS:

The research, going back to George Washington, found 16 times in U.S. history when an incumbent president ran for reelection and the stock market was up more than 20% in the preceding three years. In 14 of those 16 times, the incumbent won reelection, giving a success rate of 87%. If the trend holds, Mr. Trump could be No. 15.

Charles Payne weighed in on the poll this morning on Varney and Co.