These guys have no popular support.


A Politico report has identified alleged “conservatives” that the Biden campaign is considering for Cabinet posts should he win the election. John Kasich and Jeff Flake were two of the most notable.

Other possible Republicans include Meg Whitman, the CEO of Quibi and former CEO of eBay, current governor of Massachusetts Charlie Barker, and former representative from Pennsylvania Charlie Dent.

Whitman and Kasich were speakers at the Democratic National Convention back in August.

The consideration of Republicans, however, is not a universally liked idea among the left. Executive director of Demand Progress David Segal told Politico: “My primary concern is that he involves people in the Cabinet who push back against corporate power and support a massive economic stimulus and the broad provision of health care. Unfortunately, there are no prominent Republicans I know of who are on board with that agenda.”

Director of the Revolving Door Project Jeff Hauser also told Politico that “I don’t understand why someone who says, ‘I am the Democratic Party,’ would then hand benefits to someone who’s not a Democrat.”

Despite not technically being Democrats, Kasich and Flake often seem indistinguishable from Democrats in their rhetoric and attitudes on certain issues. Big League Politics has published stories about Kasich praising the Green New Deal for “asking the right question” and about Flake vowing to vote for Biden because his presidency would be “better for conservatism” than Donald Trump’s.

You know what would actually be better for conservatism? If these guys just quit identifying as Republicans and became Democrats. We want nothing to do with them; let the party of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have them.