Biden at Belmont debate

Source: Staff

If anyone is undecided about the winner of the final presidential debate, held Thursday night at Belmont University, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale hinted at the verdict in the liberal network’s own newsroom.

“Biden was again imperfect from a fact-check perspective,” Dale summarized on Twitter. “He made at least a few false, misleading, or lacking-in-context claims.”

Biden, in fact, appeared to stumble Thursday night into a political buzzsaw by claiming, again, that he will not ban fracking, the extraction of gas and oil with high-pressure water, if elected president. That claim is low-hanging fruit for fact-checkers considering Biden repeatedly told Democrat voters during the primary he would do just that.

President Trump, in fact, paused his campaign speech this week in Erie, Pennsylvania to play a video montage of Biden’s promise to ban fracking.   

fueling a big rigIn the closing minutes of the debate, Biden made the jaw-dropping admission he would “transition” the U.S. from the oil industry to renewable energy if elected. That is the dream of far-left environmentalists who are convinced gas and oil are destroying the planet but windmills, solar power, and electric automobiles will prevent an environmental apocalypse.

President Trump seemed “surprised and pleased” by Biden’s comment, The Associated Press reported, and the President declared it was a “big statement” that was hopefully heard by voters in oil-producing states. 

Quick to understand what Biden had just done, Trump called out states Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma in particular. “Basically what [Biden] is saying,” Trump, looking in the camera, told voters in those states, “he is going to destroy the oil industry.”

Responding to Biden’s comments about oil and gas, Dan Kish of the Institute for Energy Research tells OneNewsNow life would not be pleasant without fossil fuels, which provide numerous products and employ Americans to make them.

Life would be “pretty grim” without those products and those jobs, he adds. 

oil rig crewFarther down in the CNN fact-checker’s Twitter post, he went on to describe President Trump as a “serial liar” on the stage, which is expected from the Trump-hating cable news network, but the post-debate comment about Biden’s honesty got noticed because it came from a cable news network that is working to push Biden into the White House and to push Trump out.

Biden was also fact-checked by the AP after claiming passage of the Affordable Care Act did not harm people with private health insurance.

“Not one single person with private health insurance,” Biden claimed, “would lose their insurance under my plan, nor did they under Obamacare. They did not lose their insurance unless they chose, they wanted to go to something else.”

That statement is easily proven false by millions of Americans who were notified by mail they lost their health insurance because of Obamacare’s new requirements. Many of those same people angrily flooded social media to recall that experience from the Obama administration. 

Trump at Belmont debate“My four lost plans would like a word with Joe, if they still existed,” Mary Katherine Ham replied in a Twitter post.

But did President Trump win the debate?

“Trump won this debate, handily,” commented Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News correspondent who was crudely ridiculed by Trump in 2016 for her tough debate questions. 

“Biden wasn’t a force at all,” she wrote in a Twitter post. “Trump was substantive, on-point, well-tempered. Definitely helped himself, when it mattered most.”

Cathie Adams, a Texas-based conservative activist, tells OneNewsNow that Trump was the “clear winner” of the debate. She was pleased the President struck a positive tone about moving on with daily life in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are “fed up” with Biden’s attempt to scare the public, she adds.  

According to author David Limbaugh, brother of the popular radio host, the best way to know Trump won is to witness the liberal media shrug their shoulders.  

“Have you ever noticed that if Trump wins a debate, which he did last night,” Limbaugh commented on Twitter, “the media spins is that it won’t change things much?”

“If the mainstream media says the debate was a draw,” the radio titan commented, “that translates to a GRAND SLAM home run by Trump.”