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I am Samoan and many of our Polynesians for Trump will participate in a Trump Car Caravan in Southern California which will begin at the border of Manhattan Beach and end in my home city, Carson.

The caravan is hosted by several conservative organizations, such as Filipinos for Trump, Latinos for Trump, and various Republican groups from across the South Bay.

The overcast skies did not deter President Trump’s supporters in Southern California from participating in the South Bay Trump Car Rally today. According to the organizer, Edwin Duterte of the South Bay Republican Assembly, 2,000 cars were present taking an hour and a half to get the last car out of the parking lot.

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The Rally lasted over two hours making its way from Manhattan Beach through Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, and ending in Carson. Along the way, startled, but excited, Trump supporters waved and honked. The smattering of middle fingers or thumbs down from some had no impact on the zeal and joy of the patriots in the Rally.

We were proud to demonstrate our love and support for President Trump and pray that we encouraged the many conservatives in the heart of these democrat strongholds that they are not alone!

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