NPR Hides Fact That Man Accused of Plotting to Kill Biden ...

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

NPR hid the fact that the man accused of plotting to assassinate Joe Biden was a Bernie Sanders supporter who possessed explosive material and books on bomb making and Islam, leading many to claim that the alleged culprit was a Trump supporter.

19-year-old Alexander Hillel Treisman was arrested by police after they discovered a number of weapons in his vehicle, including an AR-15 rifle, a canister of explosive material as well as books on bomb making and Islam.

However, NPR’s article on the subject, entitled ‘Man Arrested In N.C. Had Plan To Kill Joe Biden, Feds Say’ completely omits the fact that the alleged assassin was interested in Islam

While the Washington Post buried Treisman’s stated motive, that he wanted to kill Biden in order to “kill bernie,” in paragraph 15 of its report, neither NPR or the Huffington Post mentioned this crucial detail.

This left numerous HuffPost readers to conclude in the comments section of its article that the culprit must have been a Trump supporter.

“Another Trump-loving incel – complete with swastikas to boot. He bought the full MAGA package apparently. White House gift shop?” remarked one.

“The president is an inspiration to the next generation of domestic terrorists — ready to defend white supremacy to the death — nice work there Trumpers,” added another.

“Fox nation look in the mirror!” said another.

“Actually, if anyone should look in the mirror, it is the supporters of Bernie Sanders and other hard-Leftists whose hateful rhetoric and refusal to condemn antifa violence has created a climate in which the likes of Alexander Treisman can think they’re doing something heroic by plotting to murder a corrupt machine politician who is slightly less Leftist than his hero,” writes Robert Spencer.