Nobody has ever done so much to kill so many people. That’s correct…’

Source: Contributing Author

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough compared President Donald Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday and claimed Trump would “kill” journalists if he could “get away with it.”

Scarborough was commenting on Trump’s recent interview with 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl.

“Though he kills journalists, Vladimir Putin on camera actually seems a little more willing to answer tough questions when they are asked of him. Donald Trump can’t even handle that,” Scarborough said. “Of course, Donald Trump would kill reporters if he could get away with it. I think even his strongest supporters would admit Trump would do whatever he could get away with.”

Scarborough, a frequent critic of Trump’s, also accused the president of passing policies that actually did kill people throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“Nobody has ever done so much to kill so many people. That’s correct,” Scarborough claimed, before adding, “Nobody in the White House…you’ve got to hand that to him. He has made history.”

The former Republican congressman also blasted Senate Republicans for confirming Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court on Monday, suggesting that Democrats should appoint failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to the bench when they add seats to the court just to spite Trump.

Trump and Scarborough became embattled in a public feud earlier this year after Trump alleged that Scarborough was responsible for the death of Lori Klausutis, a young congressional aide who died in his congressional office.