A person uses a fire extinguisher to put out a burning barricade in Philadelphia on October 27, 2020, during a protest over the police shooting of 27-year-old Black man Walter Wallace.

Source:  Ashe Schow

As riots spread in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania following the police-involved shooting of a knife-wielding suspect, 11 people were shot while looting businesses.

Fox 29 reporter Steve Keeley was filming the scene outside one looted business when Philadelphia police told him “Looters were shooting looters.” Police also told the reporter that a 50-year-old man who had filled up his car with stolen goods was then carjacked and had all the stolen items stolen from him. In the midst of all this, 11 people were shot.

“11 people shot while looting in Philadelphia so far since last night. ‘Looters were shooting looters.’ ‘50 yr old man that had his car filled then was carjacked and had all his stolem stiff re-stolen from him’from @PhillyPolice on scene of looting tell FOX 29. @FOX29philly,” Keeley tweeted (sic throughout).

As The Daily Wire reported, law enforcement officials also said the situation in Philadelphia had “rapidly gone downhill.”

In response to the riots, the City of Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management sent a warning to residents: “The Philadelphia Police Department is requesting that all residents in the 12, 16, 18, 19, 24, 25, and 26th Districts remain indoors except when necessary. These areas are experiencing widespread demonstrations that have turned violent with looting.”

The White House sent its own statement regarding the riots:

The riots in Philadelphia are the most recent consequence of the Liberal Democrats’ war against the police. Law enforcement is an incredibly dangerous occupation, and thousands of officers have given their lives in the line of duty. All lethal force incidents must be fully investigated. The facts must be followed wherever they lead to ensure fair and just results. In America, we resolve conflicts through the courts and the justice system. We can never allow mob rule. The Trump Administration stands proudly with law enforcement, and stands ready, upon request, to deploy any and all Federal resources to end these riots.

At least 30 police officers were injured by rioters in the city as well, The Daily Wire reported. One officer was hospitalized with a broken leg after being hit by a pickup truck.

A reporter for Blaze Media said he was “jumped” by Black Lives Matter rioters while covering the situation.

“So, as you can see, it’s can kind of hard for me to talk right now because I got jumped inside of a Five Below that’s currently being ransacked and completely looted and you see to my left right here, this is an Eye Encounters store, we have an Amazing Nails Spa, and also right over here there’s a Walmart that’s been completely gutted,” said the reporter, Elijah Schaffer. “We are here across the river in Philadelphia right by Chick-Fil-A.”

“What happened was, I just went into the Five Below to just see what was going on with some of the looting and I was jumped by the Black Lives Matter protesters, who immediately started punching and kicking me,” Schaffer continued. “One of them punched me directly right in the lip, I’m going to have to go to the hospital I think to get stitches in this lip because it’s just absolutely painful, but this is what’s happening in the current state over the killing of Walter Wallace Jr. the other night.”