Farage: Media Using Polls to Kill Trump Voter Turnout

Source: Kit Daniels

Mainstream media polls showing Joe Biden with a huge lead aren’t accurate because they’re being used to suppress Trump voter turnout, says Nigel Farage.

The Brexit architect believes the polls are even worse than they were in 2016 when they predicted Hillary Clinton would win a landslide victory, which wasn’t even close.

“I think that polling is often used by the establishment as a way of disincentivizing the other side to go out and vote,” Farage said. “The morning of Brexit, there was a poll released that said Remain [in the E.U.] were 10 points ahead.”

“And it was done, very simply, to say to potential ‘Leave’ voters, ‘Do you know what, if it’s raining, don’t bother to get down to the local school and vote, because you’re gonna lose anyway?’”

Of course, ‘Leave’ voters still won the Brexit vote that occurred concurrently with the 2016 presidential campaign in which polls predicted the overwhelming defeat of Donald Trump up to – and even during – election day.

Farage also said he mistrusted the polls because many of them show Biden with a lead that’s well within the margin of error for the poll.

“Come on, you know, oh, in Florida, Biden’s half a percent ahead,” Farage continued. “It’s ridiculous, because the margin of error is several times bigger than that.”

Farage has more confidence in poll results by the Trafalgar Group, however, because the firm specializes in “hidden” Trump voters who are unwilling to speak to mainstream pollsters because they are fearful of revealing their support openly due to known instances of Trump supporters being harassed and targeted.

“I think the phenomenon of the ‘shy Trumper,’ who’s just not going to tell the pollster what they think for fear that they’re going to be knocked down in a book somewhere is even greater than it was four years ago,” he added.

The inaccuracy of mainstream polls is simply another example of the ‘fakeness’ of the world that’s intended to make you feel insignificant.

For example, as I reported this week, Instagram “influencers” were caught renting a fake “business jet” studio in LA to pretend they’re taking flights on private planes.

This leads to people feeling hopeless and depressed because they feel inferior when comparing themselves to the fabrications of success other people are putting forward.

The same can be said with inaccurate polls because they make people feel alone with their opinions if they run contrary with establishment viewpoints.