Police investigating bizarre vote fraud allegations in NYC

Suspects Attempt to Vote Illegally by Shaving Heads – Report

Source: Dan Lyman

A group of people allegedly attempted to vote multiple times in New York City by shaving their heads to disguise themselves, according to reports.

The NYPD has launched an investigation into claims that suspects turned up at a polling place in The Bronx with their ‘new looks’ after already casting votes there previously.

A person present at the early-voting site at St. Frances de Chantal Church in Throggs Neck reportedly recognized the individuals and confronted them.

“The group ran out and got away in two vehicles, but the person followed them, recorded the license plates and called 911,” sources told the New York Post.

Police are now trying to locate the vehicles in questions and are also working to track down surveillance footage from the area that could aid in the investigation.

“Poll workers at the site observed some suspicious activity, they reported the matter and it is currently being investigated by the NYPD,” a City Board of Elections spokeswoman said.

It is a felony to vote more than one time in an election in the state of New York.

“They were trying to vote more than once or we wouldn’t be talking about it,” said Fred Umane, the Republican election commissioner for Manhattan.