Source:  Jim Hoft

Several states are reporting their highest COVID-19 case numbers this past week JUST DAYS before the national election.

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Imagine that?

What a stunning coincidence?
It’s almost as if the disease knows when it is the best time to damage President Trump and help Dementia Joe Biden.

Covid case numbers via worldometer:

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Of course, the number of Covid deaths peaked out in April — months ago in the US.
Covid deaths via worldometer:

The media is working overtime to push the panic porn before the election..

IBTimes reported:

Authorities recorded a new single-day high of 87,164 coronavirus cases, breaking the previous record of 83,731 set six days ago. The large number came as the U.S. inches closer to recording 9 million coronavirus cases just nine months after the pandemic began. It is also the third time in a week that the single-day record was broken, NBC News reported.

Health officials also reported 996 coronavirus-related deaths on Wednesday, bringing the country’s total death toll to 228,636, according to Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard.

The coronavirus death toll could hit 256,000 over the next four weeks. An ensemble forecast by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also indicated that the number of new weekly deaths might even exceed 6,000 by Nov. 15.

The media wants you to hate Trump over this virus.