Radical LGBTQ socialist Bryce Bennett is guilty of campaign theft.

Source:  Shane Trejo

Democrat state legislature Bryce Bennett, the first openly gay candidate for secretary of state in Montana’s history, has been caught committing apparent fraud with campaign funds heading into the election.

Bennett supports sanctuary cities for criminal illegal aliens and, while serving in the Montana state legislature, has voted to support many far-left bills. He has regularly reimbursed himself from his campaign fund for miles traveled at the rate of $0.50 a mile. On Sept. 21st, he reported traveling 3,044 miles in one day. The travel distance from Los Angeles to New York City is 2,789 miles and would require at least 42 hours of driving.

Bennett has also been receiving dark money from organizations like the Democrat Secretaries of State and has been backed by groups promoting the homosexual agenda. These groups are bent on destroying the family unit and toppling the American election process.

Big League Politics has learned that Bennett is advocating for online voter registration, considering his stance on supporting criminal illegal aliens spells disaster for native Americans. He is unsurprisingly the favorite of the fake news media throughout Montana, which wants to overthrow the pro-freedom mindset that has long dominated the state.

“A housecleaning in the Secretary of State’s Office is urgently needed. We believe Bennett will be a breath of fresh air and will competently run our elections, will make the office an efficient service station for the state’s businesses, and will provide responsible, knowledgeable service on the Land Board,” the Montana Standard wrote in their full-throated endorsement of Bennett.

Being an open reprobate and homosexual, Bennett is also a favorite of the LGBT movement that is openly targeting kids with sexual propaganda in schools, churches and libraries.

“Bryce Bennett is the first openly gay man to serve in the Montana Legislature. He is running for Montana Secretary of State to make sure every voice is heard and every vote is counted,” the LGBT Victory Fund, which has donated considerable contributions to Bennett, wrote about his campaign.

The LGBT Victory Fund noted that he “helped defeat efforts to eliminate local non-discrimination ordinances and pass Indiana style discrimination legislation,” meaning that he made it easier for predators to prey on children in communities across Montana.

Bennett is running against the Republican Christi Jacobsen for Montana Secretary of State. Jacobsen is trying to keep Bennett from implementing his radical left-wing agenda in the Treasure State. The people will ultimately decide on Tuesday whether they will surrender to extreme liberalism or reject Bennett’s scandal-plagued candidacy.