Source:  Synbiobeta, google finance

Biotech stocks have done well in 2020.

Twist Biosciences share price started 2020 at $23 and now it is up over three times to $76.64.

Aquabounty shares started $2.05 and have nearly doubled to $3.80.

Dyadic International started at $5.36 and is at $7.14 per share now.

Intellia shares started 2020 at $15.88 and are now at $23.94.

Synthetic Biotechnology Startups Raised $3 billion in the First Half of 2020

Fifty-six synthetic biology companies raised a combined $3 billion in investment during the first half of 2020. tracks the synthetic biology industry.

SOURCES- Synbiobeta, google finance
Written by Brian Wang,