Source:  Joe Hoft

General Flynn has remained quiet for the past four years on account of the Deep State efforts to have him locked up and put away based on fake crimes.  Today the good General Flynn posted a cryptic tweet.

In a response to a tweet by Molly Hemingway from the Federalist, General Flynn encouraged Hemingway to investigate “Kathy Chung (EOP) and why in 2015 is she giving a “treasure trove” of intelligence (phone no’s) to Hunter & Redacted. Any foreign power would love to have this information!!!”

In response Internet sleuths provided quick and accurate information.  One sleuth responded confirming that Kathy Chung worked for VP Biden:

Another sleuth responded that Ms Chung was Hillary’s contact when Joe Biden’s son Beau went in the hospital:

Hemingway was tweeting about the blockbuster post in the Daily Mail about Hunter Biden’s laptop.  In the article the Daily Mail shows an email from Chung to Hunter:

General Flynn asks why would this information be sent to Hunter?

We don’t yet know the answer, but Hunter was in deep with China, Russia, Ukraine and other entities around the world.  We also know that Hunter Biden was careless, wreckless and well-known crack addict.  And Hunter Biden’s computer had a password that could have been “hacked” in a two minutes. General Flynn asks an important question.