Source: Steve Watson

Speaking in Philadelphia Sunday, Joe Biden described himself as a ‘grandmom’ and declared that he was wearing an Eagles jacket, when everyone could see it was a Delaware Blue Hens jacket.

At one of his monster rallies in front of literally tens of people, Biden pointed to his granddaughter and stated “I am Finnigan Biden’s grandmom.”


President grandmom? No thanks.

Earlier in the day, Biden attempted to court the support of literally tens more people by declaring “I was very happy to have the moniker of being Pennsylvania’s third senator. I married a Philly girl, by the way.”

“And I’ve got my Eagles jacket on,” Biden said, pointing to the Delaware Blue Hens jacket he was wearing:

Elsewhere during Biden’s speech he cheaply referred to President Trump as ‘the virus’.

“To beat the virus, we got to beat Donald Trump,” Biden unnecessarily shouted to the ten people in attendance, adding “He’s the virus.”

You don’t need to worry about voting for BIden, because clearly by the way he addresses his voters he’s already got the plan all set to steal the election no matter what the outcome.

Biden made the ‘surprise’ campaign stops after the Washington Post reported Sunday that Democrats are worried that Pennsylvania is seeing a “potential late shift” to Trump.

The report noted that after weeks of touting mail in voting, Democrats are now worried about ‘problems’ with the system.

Biden’s previous comments about ‘transitioning’ from the oil and gas industry, which have been heavily criticised by Trump during his rallies, also have Democrats concerned.

Of course, the fact that leftists burned down Philadelphia for a week and Biden said virtually nothing has also been a contributing factor, with the paper noting that Democrats have ‘cringed’ at the unfolding of events.

During one of four rallies Sunday, Trump told a crowd in Michigan that he believes anyone burning the US flag should be jailed: