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Shell-shocked Biden supporters are voicing their concerns about losing Pennsylvania and other swing states after the sheer size of President Donald Trump’s rally crowds have forced them to face facts — the polls are lying and POTUS is far more popular than Biden.

Over the weekend, Pennsylvania Democrat Lt. Gov. John Fetterman expressed the anxiety among many Democrats over the 2020 presidential election following Trump’s massive rally in the state.

Alerting his followers on Twitter to President Trump’s huge rally crowd on Saturday night in Butler, Pennsylvania, Fetterman had to convince his fellow liberals that the photos were real and not faked.

“The President is popular in PA,” Fetterman warned while sharing a Reuters image of the Trump rally.

“I don’t care what polls say,” the Democrat continued.

“With 700K ballots still out there, you need to BANK YOUR BALLOT.”

“Use a Dropbox. Get them in,” Fetterman pleaded with voters.

Apparently responding to Democrats who tried to claim the photo was fake, Fetterman wrote, “She (reporter Gabby Orr) is with Politico. 

“This is not MAGA propaganda. 

“Can’t fake a crowd like that,” he continued.

“But you *can* make sure you show up and get every vote in. 

“Every Vote Matters. Get Them In.”

“That’s not photoshop. That’s a [Reuters] image of Butler,” he emphasized.

“The Battle for Pennsylvania, and maybe the Presidency will be won or lost by you.”

“The president has a very strong, sturdy base here, and what he’s doing is juicing turnout in those small counties,” Fetterman said, according to a Washington Post report published Saturday.

“I am absolutely convinced that we have a lot of enthusiasm, too, on our side,” he added.

“But there’s a lot of factors you can’t extrapolate into a poll that are absolutely significantly in play in Pennsylvania.”

Fetterman isn’t the only Democrat worried about Election Day, according to the Post report.

“I am worried about Pennsylvania,” admitted Neil Oxman, a veteran Democratic strategist based in the state.

Mr. Oxman said he is concerned about base turnout, among other issues.

Back in 2016, Trump shocked Democrats with his win in the battleground state.

And the president hopes to hang on to the state this year, despite an apparent Joe Biden lead, according to the polls.

“Polling averages show Biden’s advantage in Pennsylvania has shrunk somewhat and now lies between four and seven points,” noted the Post.

“That is slightly larger than Clinton’s four years ago, but far from enough for Democrats to feel safe.”

Trump scheduled four rallies in the state this weekend.

Speaking to supporters on Saturday night, Trump emphasized his support for fracking, law enforcement officers, criminal justice reform, and school choice.

Thank you Pennsylvania!” Trump posted Saturday. 

“With your vote, we will continue to support our Military, Veterans and our Police Officers.

“Biden and Harris would pass legislation to slash police funding all across America. 

“They stand with the rioters – we stand with the HEROES of Law Enforcement! #MAGA.”