DHS Chiefs: Tech Censorship, Cancel Culture A National ...

Source: Steve Watson

The Deputy Secretary of The Department of Homeland Security warned Monday that the actions of tech companies in censoring opinions they do not agree with constitutes  a “grave threat to national security.”

Ken Cuccinelli pointed to Twitter’s decision last week to suspend the account of Mark Morgan, the DHS’s border chief after he posted a message declaring “the border wall can stop gang members and murderers.”

Cuccinelli also highlighted the fact that another social media platform, Hootsuite, severed ties with ICE two months ago after woke employees kicked up a fuss.

“Big Tech would rather see Americans victimized than admit they were wrong,” The Washington Times quoted Cuccinelli as saying.

Owen predicts the democrats will attempt to hold back on counting votes in order to steal the election from President Trump.

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf also slammed Twitter Friday, urging that “censorship poses a threat to our security.”

In a letter to Jack Dorsey, Wolf described Twitter’s censorship as “unjustified” and “disturbing.”

“As the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other Federal agencies continue to rely on Twitter to share important information with the U.S. public, your censorship poses a threat to our security,” Wolf declared.

After educating Dorsey on what the CBP goes through at the border to protect America, Wolf urged that “Your company may choose to be ignorant of these facts, but it is no less censorship when you choose to suppress them.”

“There was no reason to remove Mr. Morgan’s tweet from your platform, other than ideological disagreement with the speaker,” Wolf continued.

“It is dangerous and damaging when any publisher arbitrarily and unfoundedly decides, as it did here, that the facts and policies of a particular Presidential Administration constitute “violence”—in order to censor them,” the DHS head also emphasised, accusing Twitter of “sabotaging public discourse.”