Hollywood Celebs Warn Americans: 'Trump Is Literally the ...

Source: Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Far-left Hollywood celebrities are making a last ditch attempt to sway voters toward Joe Biden in the final hours before the presidential election, claiming that President Trump “will kill us with COVID” and that POTUS is literally the “Anti-Christ.”

Some anti-Trump stars are attempting to influence millions of followers by whipping up support for Biden in battleground states such as Florida and North Carolina. Others are predicting that it will take weeks before all the votes are counted.

Breitbart.com reports: Batman star Michael Keaton created another video urging Pennsylvania voters to turn out for Biden on Tuesday. “This is it. It has come down to us,” Keaton said, adding “We get the chance to be the hero, the buzzer-beater, the walk-off.”

Bette Midler tweeted Trump is the “Antichrist” and anyone supporting him is “covered in shame.”

Community star and comedian Ken Jeong — who is also a medical doctor — declared that President Trump “will KILL US with COVID!”

Beyonce officially endorsed Joe Biden and pleaded with voters to help flip Texas blue.

Taylor Swift urged people to cast their ballots in a brief video message that concluded with a Biden Harris poster.

Elizabeth Banks is attempting to rally suburban women against President Trump.

The singer Common said he is knocking on doors in the Tampa, Florida, area to encourage voter participation.

Comedian Mike Birbiglia urged North Carolina voters to create a blue wave.

Pop star Ariana Grande pushed for Floridians to vote for Joe Biden.

Barbra Streisand pleaded with voters to choose “truth, decency, and common sense.” She also claimed that the president surrounds himself with “criminal cronies.” “He has no compassion, no class,” the singer-actress tweeted.

Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista and actress Lori Petty are urging people to vote blue to end the “nightmare” that is the Trump administration, using the hashtag #VoteBlueToEndTheNightmare.