We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election…’

Source: Ben Sellers

The two presidential candidates both made statements refusing to give any ground as the ambiguous electoral scenario that many feared unfolded in the presidential election.

Democrats had warned that election night might look for a landslide for President Donald Trump, and indeed Trump defied pollsters who projected that challenger Joe Biden would lead by wide margins in traditional red states that Trump won four years ago.

Instead, it appeared that very few game-changers would bring an easy closure to the race.

“We believe we’re on track to win this election,” Biden said after midnight. “It ain’t over until every vote is counted—every ballot is counted.”

In response, the Trump campaign pushed back, including searing criticism of Fox News for prematurely declaring Arizona with an estimated million ballots remaining to be counted.

Incumbent GOP Sen. Martha McSally echoed the indignation, dismissing the idea of conceding to Democrat Mark Kelly.

Trump took to Twitter to say that Democrats were trying to steal the election and was quickly censored.