The situation is explosive in downtown Detroit!

Source:  Jim Hoft

Last night President Trump was leading significantly in several swing states including Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

President Trump had a significant lead in Michigan late last night.

Then all of the sudden Joe Biden jumped up 200,000 votes and has the lead over President Trump.
200,000 VOTES!

This morning a poll watcher in Detroit sent us this in the last hour:

Several Republicans were called to Detroit this morning to poll watch.

From our source Detroit:

Last night at TLC (formerly Cobo Hall) where absentee ballots for Wayne County (Detroit) are being counted, a Ferrari, a van and a Chrysler 300 (I think) all pulled up into facility (large garage doors) with ballots inside vehicles. All three of them had out of state plates. This is an ANONYMOUS tip.

Also, they’re counting military ballots now. I heard around 7k.

Every military ballot has to be duplicated (re-written). I don’t know why. This is very concerning.

Yes. The part about the vehicles.

They’re saying Trump has no chance of winning here. Also, John James does have a chance.

I’ll be in touch.

Make sure you say allegedly. I got the intel from ************  and a GOP Challenger who was here all night.

It should be accurate. Lawyer says someone took photos of Ferrari and Chrysler.

No one took photos or recorded info on van!!!!!!!

Like front lic plate number.

The van pulled in so you couldn’t see their back plate. Could’ve had a MI plate on back.

We don’t have front plates in MI so it’s possible they had a MI plate on back of van. More likely they didn’t want anyone to record it.

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Let’s hope the GOP is examining the security cameras as we write this post.

Now here is an update from our source inside.

From our source inside:

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Things are starting to get a bit hostile down here. Just watched a Dem operative call 2 police on a young sweet boy poll challenging for GOP. Intimidation of GOP poll challengers is ramping up.

Heard 35k ballots showed up late last night.

There are several entrances to the massive room with over 1,000 people working. Any janitor could drop off boxes of ballots and no one would even know.

Media has big presence in room. Waiting to call Biden winner.

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The Dem operatives with no names or identification are walking around intimidating poll workers. The big line is to back away from table so you can’t watch process. One woman warned me I was endangering the lives of the workers.

The scene looks chaotic inside the Detroit ballot counting center.