“They are setting the stage to potentially steal an election,” said Sen. Ted Cruz. “I am angry. The American people are angry”

CRUZ: Philadelphia Election Officials ‘Are Defying The Law ...

Source: National File

In a fiery segment on Fox News’ Hannity, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) weighed in on the ongoing crisis in Pennsylvania, where a court victory for the Trump campaign resulted in a judge ordering election officials to give them access to the vote tabulation area was met with further obstruction by election officials who refused to let them in, followed by local sheriffs who refused to enforce the court order.

Posting the segment to Twitter, Cruz wrote, “I am angry. The American people are angry,” before noting the need for election observers, something he expounded on in his interview with Sean Hannity, who referred to Cruz as “one of the smartest lawyers and best students of Alan Dershowitz.”

“What we’ve been seeing the last three days is outrageous, it is partisan, it is political, and it is lawless, and we’re seeing this pattern in Democratic city after Democratic city but the worst in the country right now is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,” said Cruz, “Where they’re not letting election observers in despite clear state law that requires election observers being there, despite an order from a state judge saying that election observers have to be within six feet of the ballot counting.”

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In Pennsylvania, election officials are still barring Trump campaign and Republican officials from monitoring vote tabulations in the state, despite national outcry over the implausible comeback Joe Biden is making due to mail-in ballots. At one point, President Trump was ahead by over 600,000 votes with the majority of the state reporting.

“They’re just ignoring the law, they’re defying the law, and there’s a reason they’re doing that. There’s a reason they’re defying the law. The reason you don’t want observers there is because you’re doing something you don’t want to be observed,” added Cruz.

“I am angry, and I think the American people are angry because by throwing the observers out, by clouding the vote counting in a shroud of darkness, they are setting the stage to potentially steal an election,” he added. “Not just from the president, but from the over 60 million people across this country who voted for him all cross this country. It is lawless, and they need to follow the law.”

Cruz also called for transparency in his appearance on Hannity, saying “The answer that I want to see, the outcome I want to see, is to count every vote that was legally cast.”

While Hannity discussed the potential for the election to become dependent on state legislatures, who can vote to determine the next president should the election fail to achieve an accurate result, Cruz stressed the importance of transparency during the final days and weeks of counting.

“That’s a big cannon to use, I can tell you during Bush versus Gore we were having very explicit conversations about that, as we were seeing an effort to steal that election,” said Cruz. “The answer that I want to see the outcome I want to see is to count every vote that was legally cast.”

Hannity suggested that this may be impossible, as without any oversight in Pennsylvania, it may be impossible to determine if ballots have been tampered with, which prompted Cruz to stress the importance of getting observers in the facility as soon as possible.

“Well, we still have, the president still has a 42,000 vote lead right now in Pennsylvania. We need to get observers in there now, not an hour from now, not two hours from now, right now.”

As of the time of publication, over two hours after Cruz’s appearance on Hannity, Trump campaign observers still have not gained access to the vote tabulation area so far as National File is aware.