Source:  Joe Hoft

We reported already that by using the audit statistical technique known as ‘Benford Analysis’ the precincts in Milwaukee are where the focus of any fraud audit in Wisconsin should take place.

In Wisconsin on the night of the election, President Trump was winning early into the morning. However, when Americans woke up on Wednesday Joe Biden had somehow taken the lead in Wisconsin after a vote dump of 100,000 votes appeared overnight.

The concerns with the unreasonable increase in ballots in Wisconsin led to one expert to share with us his analysis on Wisconsin voter data.  The results of this expert’s Bedford analysis, a statistical technique which identifies outliers in data sets, showed that Biden’s numbers in Milwaukee made no sense and due to the many outliers indicate potential fraud:

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Now additional analysis shows that similar patterns exist for Biden in both Chicago and Pittsburgh:

The additional analysis shows Biden’s results in Chicago indicate fraud.  Notice how Biden’s numbers are way outside of expectations and yet Trump and other candidates look reasonable: