“First Coattail Election With No Coat”: GOP Wins Widely, but Trump Loses?

Source:  Selwyn Duke

Does it make sense that a rising red tide should lift all boats in a carrier group except the carrier, whether it’s the USS Donald Trump or not?

This is basically what has happened this election, do note, with Republicans apparently holding the Senate despite having far more seats to defend, gaining ground in the House, and adding a state legislature and one governorship — yet supposedly losing the presidency. As one commentator put it, “This is the first coattail election with no coat.”

It’s especially odd given that many people were concerned about the opposite outcome: new Trump voters, notably among minorities, casting ballots for the president but not otherwise supporting his party.

The Washington Examiner writes about the Republican gains:

Democrats had been hoping their landslide victory would hand them power in a number of new state legislative chambers.

This was key to their goal of cementing themselves into power. Not only would it give them opportunities to advance their policy agenda, but it would also hand them much greater control over the redistricting process than they had enjoyed in 2011.

Alas, with only Arizona’s results still outstanding, it appears that Democrats failed to flip even a single legislative chamber in their favor. The latest tally by the National Conference of State Legislatures suggests that Republicans gained full legislative control in New Hampshire (and thus full control of the state government), and that’s about it.

This failure will echo through the next decade. Democrats, given greater power at the state level, could have erected massive obstacles to Republicans’ goal of staging a post-Trump comeback. Instead, they now look forward to a second dismal decade of living under maps they did not themselves draw.

(Hat tip for the above and for the below tweets, American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson.)

Noting this absence of a blue wave, many observers suspect blue knaves — of being the miasma beneath Biden’s wings.

Moreover, is it believable that Trump won Ohio by more than eight points but may lose Georgia? Really?

Other anomalies were noted, too:

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