Source: Joe Hoft

To hell with winning elections based on policies and a winning record, just steal the election the Democrat way.

The Democrats are trying to claim that their candidate, senile old Joe Biden, beat President Trump in the 2020 election by winning more votes than any candidate in history.

This is the guy they want us to believe set this record:

In Michigan and in Georgia the number of votes for Biden far exceeded the number of votes for the Democrat Senate candidates in these states. But for President Trump the Republican Senate candidate was very close to the President in votes recorded. This is typical in Presidential races that the down ticket is often carried by the Presidential candidate. But for some very odd reason, which even Joe Biden can’t explain, Joe Biden received tens of thousands of more votes than the Democrat Senate candidates:

In Montana and Wyoming, which are non-swing state elections, the Democrat Senator were not way outpaced by Biden:

Of course Biden and the Democrats cheated.  It appears they never expected how many votes the President would gain and in a panic in the early morning after the election, they filled out hundreds of thousands of votes just for Biden in their effort to steal the election.