White Students at Brandeis University Will be Subjected to “Anti-Racism” Propaganda

Source:  Jose Nino

White students at Brandeis University are going to be subjected to politically correct, “anti-racism” trainings. According to a report by Alexander Pease at the College Fix, Brandeis University’s Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion division will be placing white students in places that are exclusively for them provided that they undergo anti-racist trainings.

A white staffer will preside over a six-week training program that covers racial subjects so that white students can “come to a deeper understanding about how whiteness moves,” according to the DEI office’s web page. The training is accompanied with regular course material.

The program’s goal is to have students participate in “cross racial dialogues,” which are designed to eventually have white students discuss racial topics with nonwhite students. But first, the white students have to take race training among themselves, according to the “racial justice educator” who constructed this program. At the same time, another segregated space for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) students is also being set up, according to Joy von Steiger, a clinical psychologist at Brandeis University.

This space will focus more on “healing” as opposed to education due to the fact that BIPOC students already experience alleged “systemic racism”, von Steiger noted. In addition, DEI is unveiling “Anti-Racism Working Groups,” which are viewed as  “miniature affinity spaces” that sports interests are targeting.

Von Steiger did emphasize that the sessions are not obligatory based on “evidence that would suggest that people forced to do anti-racism education tend to not benefit from it as much as if they were to do it voluntarily.”

The clinical psychologist stressed the importance of whites going through racial sensitivity conditioning before talking with their minority peers so they don’t “cause harm.” Von Steiger added, “It doesn’t have to be kumbaya, but white folks in particular have to have done enough work” to peacefully coexist with minorities.

At the moment, six students are participating in the white affinity group, which was rolled out this fall. It’s currently the only affinity space at the campus in Waltham, Massachusetts. The anti-white segregation program is made up of two levels. The first level is “White Students Discussing Anti-Racism” which then leads to the second level  “From Ally to Accomplice: Taking Action in Your Anti-racism Journey.”

According to the DEI website, students will receive a copy of the 2020 book “Me and White Supremacy” by Layla Saad. Robin DiAngelo, the author of “White Fragility”, wrote the foreword to this book. Under this program, students will take three consecutive training sessions over the span of three weeks at each level of the program. Systemic racism, black history, and “the roots of mass incarceration” are discussed at the first level. Further, the first level educates white students on how capitalism and slavery are connected. The second level provides white students instruction on how to become anti-systemic racism activists.

While this program is in its embryonic stages, it’s a sign of the growing leftist mind virus that’s spreading across universities nationwide. It’s often ignored that minorities thrived before the advent of the managerial state, but the Left ignores this, because they’re more concerned with crushing their opponents at all costs.

The next year may witness countless universities adopt similar “anti-racism” trainings. Conservatives may have to reconsider attending traditional universities, unless they’re majoring in fields that have a high demand on the market.