Network has become a pariah in eyes of conservative viewers…

Source: Contributing Author

Fox News still has not rescinded its false projection that Democrats would gain at least five states during last Tuesday’s election.

On Election Night, Fox News Channel’s decision desk “called the House” and declared Democrats would keep their majority and even add seats to it, even while several districts were still voting.

We now know, however, that Republicans are just shy of taking back the majority in the House after winning up to 13 seats.

Not a single Republican incumbent lost, and Republican challengers won over several Democratic districts that were extremely competitive.

Fox News has not rescinded its inaccurate projection, and has not explained why it did not wait for the final results to come in.

When the network was asked about its premature predictions by American Greatness, Fox News’ corporate communications Vice President Irena Briganti chose not to respond.

Fox News has also come under fire for calling Arizona for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden hours before any other network.

Even after President Trump began to close Biden’s lead, Fox News refused to reconsider its call, spurring a “catastrophic ratings collapse” as conservative viewers boycotted the network.

Conservative columnist Christopher Gage argued in American Greatness that Fox News’ premature predictions hurt Trump by discouraging voters who were still waiting to vote in West Coast districts, and encouraging leftist networks that were all too eager to call the race for Biden.

“Prior to Fox News’ erroneous calling of Arizona, bookmakers gave President Trump an 83 percent chance of reelection, considering his seemingly unassailable leads in the battleground states,” Gage wrote. “Following that call, President Trump slipped to 60 percent. Then to 50. You know the rest.”

Biden’s vote advantage over Trump is currently less than 13,000 votes in Arizona, a .39 percent edge.