Dr. Fauci's hopeful message to those with COVID-19 fatigue ...


In a Thursday appearance on ABC News’ “Good Morning America,” White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci emphasized that a coronavirus vaccine will “start being implemented and deployed in December.”

“GMA” host Robin Roberts asked Fauci what he has to say to people who may be “suffering through COVID fatigue.”

Fauci advised that by the early months of 2021, more and more people will be vaccinated. He promised the country will get the virus “under control.”

“I just want to repeat the message that I keep saying over and over again that help is really on the way,” Fauci replied. “You know, if you think of it metaphorically, you know, the cavalry is coming here. Vaccines are going to have a major positive impact. They’re going to start being implemented and deployed in December and as we get into the early part of the year. It’s going to be January, February, March, more and more and more people are going to be able to be vaccinated. So, if we could just hang in there, do the public health measures that we’re talking about, we’re going to get this under control. I promise you.”