Source: Joe Hoft


FOX News is falling apart. Their Director of News Decisions Desk, Arnon Mishkin, made a horrible call on Arizona election night and everyone knew it was one-sided and wrong, especially when delaying calls for certain red state wins for the President:

Americans know that FOX has turned to the dark side.  They knew full well what they were doing:

Of course the President knew what they were up to with their unreal and totally incorrect pre-election polls:

Their actions before, during and after the election are horrible and totally dishonest:

Chris Wallace was horribly offensive, disrespectful and dishonest as a one-sided moderator during the debates.  He really came across as a pompous jerk:

The great FOX News stars should seriously consider leaving this biased organization that did more to damage the election on Election Night than any organization out there.  People trusted FOX.  But FOX delayed calls for Trump wins and projected Biden wins immediately.  They did this so President Trump would never have the lead.  Their comments and projections were disgusting.

Individuals like Cavuto, Baier and Wallace can stay.