Source: David Solway

All too many people, on the right as well as the left, are acting as if Joe Biden has won the 2020 election, when they must know that, as of this moment, he has not.

Given the accumulating evidence of illegal maneuvers and documented corruption amounting to massive election fraud — duplicate voting, mail-in voting subject to pervasive manipulation, ballot harvesting, illegal voting, deceased voting, trashing of Trump votes, censorship and spreading of misinformation via the media and Big Tech, miscounting, forging of signatures, granny farming, “creative voting,” extending of mail-in deadlines (i.e., moving the goalposts), failure to update software, and so on — it’s a sweet deal for the Democrats and it gets even sweeter.  Richard Blum, who is also Democrat senator Diane Feinstein’s husband, is a major shareholder in Dominion Voting Systems, an application used in Michigan where thousands of Trump votes were switched to Joe Biden. Moreover, Dominion Voting Systems is used in other states as well. We must recognize the possibility that other voting modalities may be equally compromised. These are not merely bugs infesting voting systems of whatever stripe, they are rodents, swarms of them.

There have been calls for an entirely new election, but as Rudy Giuliani has indicated, there are six states in particular — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona — where systematic voter fraud occurred, including ballots willfully (or “accidentally”) destroyed or “lost.” It surely makes sense to require an election do-over or rectification in these six states. There is also the problem of mail-in military votes which have been discarded. Voting booths should be set up at military camps both domestic (where applicable) and foreign and the votes tallied on site.

What is equally distressing is the extent to which many conservative writers and political figures, including many of my friends, have accepted a fraudulent election as a fait accompli. Many are already making plans on how best to negotiate a Biden presidency, as if it were a done deal. They’ll live to fight another day, they believe — though if the fraud is legitimized, there won’t be another day. Or they prophesy that the Dems will tear themselves apart with infighting. Fat chance. Or perhaps they feel that bipartisanship is still feasible, as if the Eloi and the Morlocks can sit convivially at the same table. Nothing can be salvaged by accommodating to the rule of criminal depravity — or as people of devotion might put it, the reign of evil. Even a conservative star like Heather Mac Donald, whom I respect and admire, is advising police departments how to push back against the noxious criminal-justice policies of an incoming Biden administration. The assumption that underlies such attitudes is over-hasty, to say the least, and contributes to Biden’s counterfeit momentum.  

For example, Hungary’s Viktor Orban, who once said that Democrat diplomacy had been built on “moral imperialism,” nevertheless wrote a letter of congratulation to Biden. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has prematurely congratulated Biden on his presumed electoral victory — clearly a shoddy political calculation that may come back to haunt him. On the other side of the moral ledger, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López-Obrador is refusing to commit. “With regard to the U.S. election, we are going to wait until all the legal matters have been resolved,” he said. Similarly, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has remained mum. They are, in this connection, leaders of character.

I do not believe that Donald Trump is a grifter on the take, as his Democrat rivals and the media assuredly are. I believe that Trump is a true patriot who has sacrificed his “nice life,” as he put it in his rallies, and billions of dollars in business profits to serve his country. Nor does he accept a presidential salary. I do not believe that Trump is merely trying to save his presidency but that he is struggling to save his country, which is under the gravest threat. Personally, I’ve not accepted the false victory of the Bidenites as a victory but as a well-orchestrated attempted coup. It needs to fail miserably. But should the Democrat/media fiction succeed in substituting an imaginary electoral romance for an evidentiary report, a gaseous enchantment for basic fact, the duplicitous left will have won the day and the free-market and prosperous United States is on the road to Socialist hell.

Biden is busy acting as if a fiction were a fact, and a media narrative a lien on reality, but he’s moving too fast. He is still a private citizen. There is no such beast in the political zoo as an “Office of the President-Elect,” which is merely a descriptive term, except in the fevered imagination of an electoral marauder and a complicit fellow-traveling media. Trump is diligently amassing legal documentation and proofs of corruption, although the news organs repetitively and falsely insist there is no evidence of voter fraud. The evidence is mountainous, and those who claim otherwise are the kind of people of whom C.S. Lewis famously wrote in The Abolition of Man: “We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”

I’m not giving up on the President and I’m not willing to concede or wait for a better future to arrive some four years hence. I have no intention of congratulating the President for having changed the cultural and political landscape with his populist revolution, while watching every one of his beneficial policies revoked by a usurping administration. There is no silver lining in the current cloudy electoral skies, as soft conservatives seem to think. It’s either sunlight or a perpetual cumulus storm.

If there is still an iota of justice or honor remaining in the political world, Trump will retain his presidency and there will be a long overdue reckoning. A great fumigation of the fetid and stercoraceous political and media atmosphere must be undertaken to ensure that America will never again face such massive treachery and come so close to its demise as a free republic. If none of this happens, to quote Robert Graves in a changed context, it’s good-bye to all that.