Antifa Terrorists Brutally Assault Vulnerable Women ...

Source: Niamh Harris

Antifa and Black Lives Matter brutally assaulted women, children, families and the elderly as they walked down Washington, DC, after the MAGA March on Saturday.

The domestic terrorist groups launched projectiles and large fireworks at restaurant-goers and flashed their laser lights into hotel rooms.

DC Metropolitan Police blocked off BLM Plaza so attendees of the MAGA March could not go through. Instead, Trump supporters were forced to walk through violent BLM and Antifa gangs who wanted to spill their blood.

A black woman hauled off and punched a man carrying a Trump flag. reports: Rioters walked down the street and harassed an elderly couple while trying to rip a Trump flag out of their hands.

They threatened and harassed an elderly man walking down the street with a scooter. They pushed the scooter down and threw unidentified liquids at him.

They yelled, “Get the f**k out of here! You better run motherf**ker! You better run motherf**ker!”

Protesters attacked a middle-aged woman walking with other women and some Trump supporters. A black woman hit the woman in the back of the head.

A black mother with her young children wearing a Blue Lives matter hat and a Trump jacket frantically told police officers she wanted to press charges against her assailants. The assailants cornered her and asked her why she had her children there. She was pushing a child in a stroller and shielding her pre-teen daughter when she was attacked, reported Breitbart News.