Chris Wallace


Years and years ago, when I first began to explain how cable TV is screwing everyone, how even if you didn’t watch channels like CNNLOL, MSNBC, MTV, etc. — you know, channels dedicated to your destruction — you were still making them rich, people had two reasons for hanging on to their overpriced cable TV package…

Sports and Fox News.

Okay. Fine. So now what’s your excuse?

Sports is insufferable, woke, an insult to decency and Americanism. Watching sports only aggravates and annoys you… ESPN, the NFL, and the rest of them all freakin’ hate you…

Why are you making these Marxists rich?

The disgraced Fox News Channel is LOL’n at you, is literally making faces at you when they think you’re not looking; is lying to you, is meddling in elections, censoring the president, rigging polls, and obviously hates you.

Why are you making these backstabbers rich?

You see, cable TV (this includes satellite TV or any subscription streaming TV package) is rigged.

Ratings no longer matter. Because — get this, you’re not going to believe this — whether or not you watch, through the stupid act of paying your cable bill, you are still making CNNLOL, Fox News, ESPN, MSNBC, and all the other channels that hate you rich.

You see, they all get a piece of your cable bill. Every month your cable company sends CNNLOL and Fox News and the rest YOUR MONEY.

It’s called a carriage fee, and you’re a sucker for paying it.

Guess what? Breitbart News is free.

Guess what? If you have an Internet connection, you can purchase a Roku player, download the PlutoTV app, and watch OAN Encore and Newsmax TV for free.

Let me tell you something… This March it will be five years since yours truly cut the cord, and you would not believe how much free TV there is out there. Pluto TV is amazing — there are 250 channels, all of them FREE.

If that’s not enough, you can watch all kinds of free shows on free streaming channels like Roku TV and IMDb TV. The only cost is sitting through the occasional commercial, but you are already sitting through 20 unholy minutes of commercials per hour at the cost of about $125 a month for your lousy cable TV package! So what’s the difference?

Through your insanely overpriced cable package, you are making corporations that hate you rich, wasting money you should be spending on ammo, and sitting through 20 minutes of ads per hour.


For Fox News?

So Fox News can laugh at you and lie to you?

You have no idea how sleazy this rigged cable/satellite/subscription TV game is. You have no idea the unearned wealth and reach it gives to media corporations that could not survive on merit alone. And by merit I mean advertising rates based on actual ratings, based on how many people actually tune in.

Through your cable bill, you are funding Marxism and identity politics and hate.

Stop it.

And nothing — nothing — you do is more harmful to these Marxist companies than cutting the Pay TV cord. ESPN is already in trouble. CNN would die on the vine. MSNBC would be a shadow of itself. All everyone has to do to bring the bad guys to their knees is cut the cord, is stop paying for TV.

Trust me, there is a whole streaming world out there that is much, much cheaper and much more to your liking. Sure, there’s a lot of garbage, but the beauty of streaming is that you only pay for what you want to pay for. Unless you subscribe to Netflix, Netflix doesn’t get your money. CNNLOL and the disgraced frauds at Fox News are getting rich off you simply because they’re part of your TV package.

Stop funding this garbage.

Trust me on this. Pick up a Roku player (it’s like having your own personal cable TV box) and give it a go…

Cut the cord, y’all.

There’s no downside.

You save money. You stop pumping CNNLOL’s and Fox’s sewage directly into your living room. You stop funding hate.

Or you can continue to be a sucker.

Are you a sucker?