CDMedia Trying To Verify Story

Source: CD Media Staff

This story is developing…

We have all heard the reported ‘raid on the Scytl server in Germany’ reported on Twitter, by Gateway Pundit, and others. CDMedia is attempting to verify the event and how it actually happened.

Here is what we know from a trusted cyber source.

We know the server went down. We know the cloud base for it has moved. What we don’t know is who it was that really seized it.

We tried to ping, etc. and it went blank. Later the same day we began to see it reassimilate via Ashburn, Va., a site we know was previously a mirror.

On Sunday, if you asked for unofficial election results, you got a .csv with a time stamp 5 hours east of EST. No longer.

So, the conclusion is — the story ‘appears true’ but we want further verification. We will report more information as we received.