Closed Chicago Theatre is seen in Chicago, Illinois, on March 21, 2020. - Almost one billion people were confined to their homes worldwide on March 21 as the global coronavirus death toll topped 12,000 and US states rolled out stay-at-home measures already imposed across swathes of Europe. More than a …


Democrats are eager to lock us down again — you know, because the previous lockdowns worked out so well.

Two more weeks, y’all…

Welcome to month eight of two more weeks.

Can you imagine the corporate media if, back in April, I had told you Democrats would use the coronavirus to cancel Thanksgiving? I would have been called a conspiracy theorist, ridiculed, and fact-checked to within an inch of my life. Without evidence, Breitbart claims Democrats want to cancel Thanksgiving.

But here we sit, eight months into two more weeks, and these assholes are looking to cancel Thanksgiving.

And yet they are canceling Thanksgiving while they are, at the same time, behaving as though they themselves believe the coronavirus is a big hoax, isn’t really all that serious, doesn’t really require any sort of lockdown.

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) wants to cancel Thanksgiving while he’s out proving he doesn’t believe the coronavirus is a serious threat by attending a big party.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wants to cancel Thanksgiving while she’s out proving she doesn’t believe the coronavirus is a serious threat by running around maskless, getting her hair done, and planning big parties of her own (until she’s caught).

The corporate media want to cancel Thanksgiving while they are out proving they don’t believe the coronavirus is a serious threat by championing  left-wing riots, left-wing protests, and celebrations for Joe Biden.

It’s like Global Warming… Look at all the people who claim the planet is warming, who tell us we are going to have to give up our freedom, but who do not themselves behave as if they believe planet is warming — who do things like move to the very same coasts they tell us will soon flood if you and I don’t give up meat and air conditioning.

Why would anyone who believes Global Warming is real move to the coast?

I wonder, though, if these schemes are somehow connected….

We’ve never before locked down the healthy, quarantines the healthy, shoved the healthy in masks… We’ve never seen that before. Lockdowns make sense in a Democrat-run city like New York, which did such a terrible job of managing the China virus their healthcare system was in danger of being overrun. That I get. If the system could collapse, I get that…

But here we are, eight months later, and we’re back to the lockdown talk, back to the two more weeks talk…

Could it be we are being softened up for climate lockdowns… That we are being conditioned for what is now being called the Great Reset?

Have you heard of the Great Reset?