U.S. Sen David Perdue (R-GA) speaks at a campaign event to supporters at a restaurant on November 13, 2020 in Cumming, Georgia.

Source:   Hank Berrien

On Sunday, incumbent GOP Georgia senator David Perdue rejected the idea of having yet another debate with his Democratic challenger, Jon Ossoff, who he faces in  January run-off election, pointing out they had already had two debates before the general election on November 3 in which Perdue won but was not allowed to take his seat because he did not reach 50% of the vote.

Perdue issued a statement which read:

The runoff in Georgia is an extension of the November 3rd general election, where 52 percent of Georgians voted against Jon Ossoff and his radical agenda. Perdue had a commanding first place win, outpacing Ossoff by over 85,000 votes — in nearly every other state, Perdue would have been re-elected already.

We’ve already had two debates in this election. In each, Ossoff lied repeatedly, and of course the media failed to hold him accountable. He refused to talk about the issues and could not defend his radical socialist agenda. If Ossoff wants to keep lying to Georgians on TV, he will have to use his out-of-state money to pay for it.

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